Audi Fashion Festival 2014

Up to anything this week? Why not drop by to Ngee Ann City for the Audi Fashion Festival 2014? Click to the link and find your way to your interest. If you are in, holla us up and we may be seeing you there!


On top of that, we are planning to have our first set of photos publish here so do drop by and tell us how do you feel about our first posting? Your feedback will help us improve on our next postings.


Getting all ready and excited! We will update you soon again!


xxx – A

BLoGoSHpERe, Fotography


Do you know why USiEgraphy is created?

Here it is… I am sure many of you out there already knew what ‘SELFIE” is. So in early of mid last year, usie became popular among different small groups and slowly it evolved into worldwide. Hmm.. there are still many out there who doesn’t know it’s meaning yet! The best definition I find online is from Urban Dictionary (Click and it’ll auto brings you to USIE Definition).


Yes, USIE means ‘us’! It’s all about me and K, as long as there are two or more is consider taking photo as ‘usie’ instead of ‘selfie’. We love taking photos. But we now wishes to take usie whenever we go out and explore new things together. We want to bring interesting stuffs, ideas to you! So keep following us and you’ll see us (though not so frequent) coming up with our new thoughts and stuffs to share!


Believe that you had learnt what USIE is about today, so we shall see you on our next post!!


Do check out K’s update on her makeup lesson here!




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Yes! We are going to publish and share who we are! K and I, the two ladies who are going to show you the colour of our life here!

Before we start introduce ourselves, we are going to share a little of what happened last Saturday at Audi Fashion Festival 2014 for the Dresscamp Autumn/Winter 2014/5 collections held at Ngee Ann City. It is also the first time in life we attending a fashion show. And I’m glad we had given our ‘virginity’ to Audi Fashion, one of the atas Fashion Show which has been being a repeating wish to the many who wanted to attend it annually. At first, we were both thrilled while queueing up at the entrance waiting to get turned-on getting in, we ended up got a little upset when we are still outside while the event starts. In the end, we are glad to be able to get in be seated and to see the whole of Dresscamp’s display! Click here to view their full series of Autumn/Winter collections for 2014/15.


— This emerging Tokyo fashion is designed by  Toshikazu Iwaya —


As this was our first time, our experience shooting for the whole event is just like holding the fresh raw meat for the first time before being placed onto the griller and turns out undercooked. So we apologise that we are not going to publish our ‘dirty’ little secret here. But definitely, as promised on our first post that we are going to post up pic of our own. And so.. let me begin with myself, I am a Jack of all trades but master of none. I have many skill which many envied but then again I am not uber-good at it. In terms of study level, I had just started my part-time course taking Double Major in Journalism and Public Relation. If you had asked me why, I will tell when you request for it. In terms of interests, I have too many to list but I will probably share the most favorite one here. I love to travel and taking pictures; from shooting of human to landscape and to nature you name it. I would not doubt my photography skill as I am those kind of 1-aim-for-1-good-shot type of person. As for editing the photo, I have learnt the basic, no time to focus to enhance on it at this juncture. If you asked me to choose between loving natural beauty or ‘mask’ beauty, I will choose to be natural. But sometimes in life when facing certain circumstances, we need to put on a ‘mask’ too. As for health, I have an average body and I jog for at least twice a month. Likewise, I have the same mindset other ladies have, to have a slimmer or slim shaddy figure. But to know of quitting eating yummylicious food is a tough fight for me so, I had better to exercise more to keep myself in shape. Guess you will get to know more about me as we progress here.


As for K, she is older but we have too many similarities that you might not believe. We felt as if we are either from the same mother different father or vice versa. Ha!


K loves taking photos too. She is now taking a side make up class with Cosmoprof. She will be sharing with you on anything under one roof from face to makeup in our newly setup blog, Face Like Candy <- coming up next to you soon!


And let me introduce you.. the USIEgraphers:

Image Image

Some usie while waiting outside of the entrance of Audi Fashion Show.




This is how we got the ‘pinky’ usie while in the tent:


Fashion display going to start and counting down…


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy our 2nd post and hit back to us should you have any interested on getting hitched with us (as a friend).


Cya in our next update! xoxo – A


Looking Bad Is The New Looking Good

I always being told ” you looked sleepy or puffy” the moment I stepped into office. But I guess it’s my trend of fashion now since impossible is nothing now 😉 – A

Here’s an advertising trend that comes up every now and then: putting glamorous apparel on models made to look sad/greasy/hostile. I’m stumped by this. Why would it help sell an outfit to show that outfit on a person who looks miserable? There must be a method to this madness, or so many designers wouldn’t be doing it. But what? What’s the thinking?

To get my head around the idea, I tried to envision how each of these ads came to be, by imagining a conversation among these characters:

Ad Exec: Mike
Photographer: Steve
Models: Zelda, Daphne, Marcia, Lisette, Brenda, Chloe and Babs
(* None of these are the real people’s names, obviously. They’re just people I’m making up in my head.)

* * *


Mike: So Zelda, what we’re going for here is warmth of coat, coldness of heart, OK?

Steve: That’s right. Zelda, give us a look…

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